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Kadhi Pakora Pakoras are Indian style fried fritters, made from combining chick…

✨Kadhi Pakora✨

Pakoras are Indian style fried fritters, made from combining chickpea flour with yogurt and adding in your favorite vegetables (spinach and onions were used in the making of these). Typically people also add in potatoes and paneer. The flavor is accentuated by adding cumin seeds, garam masala, and green chilies.

The curry is made from combining yogurt with turmeric and then thickened with chickpea flour which we call besan. The yogurt adds a tarty flavor and the turmeric brings an earthiness to the curry. You combine the yogurt with besan flour and spices (turmeric, paprika, coriander, garam masala). Thin it out with water and then slow cooking it with sautéed onions and dried chili.

The pakoras are then slow cooked along with the curry to combine the flavor. People also add in the addition of tempered butter on top, but I skipped this step.

Served with basmati rice. I spiced up the rice by cooking it with butter, onions, cumin seeds, and some peas.

Message for full recipe.

I took an extra long break from social media to focus on myself and my family. I’m slowly starting back up again. I truly appreciate all the kind messages from everyone who reached out to check up on me. The connections I’ve made during my time blogging has been so rewarding for me.

Sometimes it’s important step away and remind yourself of what you truly enjoy doing without alternative motives. I think cooking and baking has always been a healing practice for me and I hope to continue sharing my journey with you all.



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