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Lost a couple folks after yesterday’s post. I really did not want to make any p…

Lost a couple folks after yesterday’s post. ☠ I really did not want to make any promises, but I’m 99% sure this will not turn into another boyswhocancook. It’s vegan on this side.

Mashed taters, fig balsamic greens & tushonaya kapusta (braised cabbage) with marinated nameko, red peppers, shredded carrot, onion.

This plate was not made by me, but my mom & I wanted to share here because of its special meaning to me.

When I would visit family, it would be so difficult to get accomodations to my diet. They did not understand it, nor thought twice to tell me a soup I was sent home with had meat in it even upon pointed asks. There are many such scenarios that would lead me to break my diet had it not been to due diligence on my behalf. It hurt that I could no longer eat home cooking without a lot of fear & distrust around it. There was a lot of resistance initially.

There were dairy & meat elements in so many dishes, besides very basic salads it was kinda a wash. It’s some reason why I have this page. “Teach me then” my mom says & there’s the added benefit of her seeing that I do actually eat güd.

This meal took no guidance from me & is completely vegan. I felt more accomodated & now want to make this braised dish for myself with tomato paste, adjika as fillings for piroshki🥐

Many vegans can relate that even something you feel should have no reason to have dairy or meat does. Like how hot cheetos have rennet or wines or marshmallows or “non-dairy creamers”.

CN: death
Yesterday, we found out my auntie, who was my last living relative in Ukraine passed away late last year. My parents had been calling her to no response & had their lurking suspicions. She was very independent & it was her co-worker who had informed us of this & that her burial was taken care of. I have few memories of her, yet it is not the first such news in my immediate family. The glass by my meal was a shot of tequila insisted by my dad in commemoration.💔

Ukrainian folk bg thx to garrykillian.

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