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Swipe for a lil herb love Whipped up a red curry noodle for lunch today~ it’s k…

Swipe for a lil herb love🌿

Whipped up a red curry noodle for lunch today~ it’s kinda similar to a curry laksa but I used a homemade red thai paste I made this morning instead of sambal

Shiitake mushroom (rehydrated), sliced
Green bell pepper
Bamboo shoots
Spinach (I’m still doing the & my baby thai basil I grew from seed(image3)!! is still too young to pick so use your imaginations to pretend that’s what this is instead).

Coconut cream (I did not have on hand but def use coco milk)
Red paste
Veg scrap stock (how-to video on my page)
Hot water the shiitake rehydrated in
Soy sauce
Tomato paste
Coconut sugar (palm sugar..)
Curry leaves

Homemade red paste
Red thai chilis
Dried chili
Cilantro stems
Ginger (galangal if you have- so great, peppery)
Lime zest
Onion (or shallot++)
Salt &aranya pepper
Miso paste(vegan sub for shrimp paste!)
Cumin seeds
Lil turmeric

I used my food processor, but mortar pestle is an awesome more traditional way

Sesame seed
Cucumbers (to cool down)

Use kaffir lime leaves for soup & zest for paste if available to you

I learned from hotthaikitchen many foundations for paste, curry & also how to get rid of the strong bamboo smell from the tinned shoots. She rinses them in water, boils for 5 minutes and then rinses again!

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