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Brioches à la cardamome et à la cannelle avec glaçage à la vanille Je suis tellement dedans. Je suis tellement amoureux. je suis h…

🍃cardamom cinnamon buns with vanilla glaze🍃

I’m so into it. I’m so in love. I’m half convinced everyone should start their morning kneading bread & bashing cardamom pods.

I made a vow to myself to not open another can of chickpeas until I made of use of the coveted garbanzo bean water (aquafaba). Here we are with a sadd_papi x veganricha (1 hour recipe) crossover.

Dough warm water (or use non-dairy milk), aquafaba, maple syrup, coconut sugar, salt, melted vegan butter, instant yeast.

Filling was cinnamon, cardamom, coconut sugar, vegan butter everywhere.

Glaze is confectionary sugar (womp), vanilla almond milk, bourbon vanilla … which is actually a kind of vanilla (thx sophcal) & doesn’t have bourbon in it. But I doooooo wanna try the bourbon glaze. a lemon glaze.

This was going to be a late night bake, but it’s for the best it happened this morning ❣👅

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