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Tarte au citron C'est ma première cuisson officielle depuis que j'ai fait 2 tartes au citron au cours de la…

✨Lemon Tart✨

This is my first official bake from

I made 2 lemon tarts over the course of 3 days in preparation for Thanksgiving dinners. My first tart, I ed the recipe step by step. The crust came out perfect, but the tart itself was overly tarty. It was a hit or miss depending on your palette.

Pictured is the 2nd tart I made. This time I was a bit more familiar with the recipe and felt a bit more confident. The crust fell apart after the foil bake process. I had to do a lot of patch work, but the results yielded a much better tart than my first bake. The lemon custard I also made 2 days in advance so the flavor was bolder. I also cut down the Greek yogurt to reduce the sourness of the tart and increased the sugar content. I also increased the bake time for the tart to ensure the firmness. The increase in bake time did cause the tart to overflow at one point, but nothing some lemons and strawberries can’t hide.

Overall the tart was still very tarty, so depending on your palette it could be a hit or miss. My husband rates this tart 7/10. And a total of ⭐️ ⭐️⭐️.

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