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Kdo by neměl rád cupcaky? Odesláno z —————————— „ŠŤASTNÁ NÁRODNÍ ČOKOLÁDA

Kdo by neměl rád cupcaky? 💚😊💚😊💚 Přeposláno z victorybeltinc —————————- „ŠŤASTNÝ NÁRODNÍ DEN ČOKOLÁDOVÉHO CUPCAKE 🍫 meatfreeketo má vynikající čokoládový košíček ve Vegan Keto – následujte Liz MacDowell professional další chutné dobroty! 🧁⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀ .⠀

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  1. I just saw the shoutout for your cookbooks on @thebiteshot I’m placing an order now!

  2. I tried doing the keto diet years ago and when I used to eat meat and my cholesterol shot through the roof and I found it damn near impossible to maintain 5g of carbs per day but I did for a good 6 mo. The cholesterol part really scared me so I stopped. Now my question is…is this the same scenario with vegan keto because I’m interested in trying this not only because I stopped consuming meat and dairy a 1 yr ago (I’m not calling myself vegan because I’m not) but because I want to be healthier in general

  3. I need this book in my life! Coming to Boston next month! Will pick up a copy for sure :)🌱💪🏽❤️

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