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Když jsem v roce 2012 poprvé začal s ketogenní dietou, byl jsem tak nadšený

Když jsem v roce 2012 poprvé začal s ketogenní dietou, byl jsem tak nadšený, že jsem na svém vlastním těle viděl tu zázračnou proměnu, kterou tolik on-line fór a účtů na sociálních sítích naznačovalo jako záruku. Nechápejte mě špatně, moje tělo se okamžitě cítilo mnohem lépe, ale najednou jsem nebyl obdařen dokonalou glukózou nalačno, týdenním úbytkem 20 liber na váze a okamžitým šestibalením abs. Zhubnout váhu, kterou jsem nabral na syrové veganské stravě s vysokým obsahem sacharidů, mi nějakou dobu trvalo. Chvíli trvalo, než se mé laboratoře znormalizovaly (zábavný fakt: měl jsem vysoký ldl cholesterol na veganské stravě s vysokým obsahem sacharidů a teď jsem v zóně „odolné proti infarktu“ a jím dietu s vysokým obsahem tuku. Postavte se. 🙃) , a pořád nemám šest abs. Cítím se však teď mnohem lépe než kdy předtím. . . . I když je nepříjemné nevidět okamžité výsledky, myslím, že je důležité si pamatovat, že ketóza je jen nutriční stav, nikoli zázrak, a to jen proto, že jste během prvního týdne nezhubli výrazně nebo dramatický posun ve vašich signálech hladu, to neznamená, že děláte něco špatně. Možná tomu budete muset dát trochu času. 💚

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  1. Can I ask how long it took for your labs to change? I recently (6weeks) quit all alcohol and my labs were sqeeky clean after being a fairly heavy drinker for 30 years. I never had to work on my diet. Ate pretty much anything. Drank like a fish.

    About 3 weeks after the removal of alcohol I started to gain around my middle. 4 weeks I was 2” up with no other changes to my diet. Needless to say FREAKING OUT as I’ve always been an athlete and always had abs and the REMOVAL of booze is causing adverse affects?!? So upset. So stressed about it -but I know it’s just an upset to metabolism that my body was used to processing. So now I’m counting macros. Lifting heavier weight. Head down and determined to crack the code.

    Can honestly say loving the fats as I have always loved my nuts and avocados. Vegan for 20 years. First time ever putting ranch dressing on a salad. 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  2. Thank you for this, I already was doubting myself. I do lose weight, but it‘s not the miracle I hoped for lol. But what I do: I feel so much better. My intestines are messed up and for the first time in years I just feel good most of the time. And that is more important to me. 🙂

  3. I agree with this. Six weeks in and I’m only really starting to feel consistently better and see consistent weigh loss. I feel like my body has take a long time to adjust.

  4. We have to remember that potentially there is a lot of damage that has been inflicted on the inside, on our internal organs. Our bodies will direct all this goodness that is happening while we are learning how to eat healthy (aka Keto) to the areas that are in most desprate need, perhaps some of the organs are even in outright survival mode. In other words, we are slowly healing from the inside out. Once your internal body is in a healthy enough state, your body will be able to shift focus to include letting the extra weight weight go as well.
    When I first started Keto, I slowly started feeling better and better! Admittedly tho, I was very disheartened that no weight was coming off. I kept with it simply because I was feeling better, and the weight would eventually have to come off right? And it did! It took a year. Not kidding, a full year before the first few pounds would come off. It stayed slow going but at least there was movement. I was down 20lbs when life happened. It totally derailed me. All the weight is back, feeling poorly is back, and now, I’m starting all over again. I just wanted to share this with others to keep going. To not give up. And start again if u have too. As many times as it takes. And please remember to be gentle and encouraging with yourself as you would be to a stranger 💜
    Thank you @meatfreeketo for all you do to keep us going! 🙏

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